Indoesh History Wiki

Throughout its history, RN1 has been heavily criticized for a variety of reasons. These criticisms have been expressed through RN1's Programs

Robloxiana Krimen Del Japasa v. S.O.C.O

Chop Chop Lady

RN1's SOCO first episode called "Chop Chop Lady" of PAL Stewardess.

RoTv's RKDL first epis ode Called "Japama Airliner Rape" of Jaspine Air.

RN1 Cavite

the programs are lure better than RoTv.

Balitang Cavite

Th Language is Chabacano in 1970's. Now become Tagalog in 1987.

Suspension of Krienz

The ISBA (Indo States Brodcasting Association) and ICTA (Indo States Television Association) trying suspend of Krienz Cause of Bajkian Language.

Legal Issues

2000 TVRI Lawsuit

RN1 was trying to broadcast "Bertia Nusuntara" from TVRI. The Lawsuit begin in 2000 caused Copyright Infringement.

2004 UNILAB Lawsuit

the commercial of Diatabs is removed from RN1. It only Imodium from Jansen Labratories Inc. The Lawsuit begin in 2004 Caused Damage to Propert from Television.

2014 Garuda Indonesia Lawsuit

The Brodcasting of Unreveled STory from Garuda Indonesia and Trans Tv is not allowed. The Lawsuit was began in 2014 caused Copyright Infringement.

1999 Dantusil Extra Error

the flight attendant of Garuda Indonesia wa tried in Dantusil Franchise. Then RN1 bleeped.

Death of Repesanttative Mitzi Joy Balunsay

on January 6 to 15, RN1 tried brodcasting but, EAS Alert.