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Mitzi joy Balunsay was the hero of Indo states since 2015. He do her best for her repesanttative life.
== The Death of Mitzi Joy ==
he killed by Alvin Delos Angeles. Also, Rn One Says the "Chop Chop Lady"
{{Infobox_character|name = Mitzi Joy Balunsay|image = Image.jpeg|imagecaption = Mitzi joy was pictured in 2012 before the election.|aliases = Indo States House of Repesantasttives|relatives = Abigail Dela Cruz (Friend of Former Cashier Mitzi Joy)
Pertangal Shermy Jermy Balunsay (Pertangal Jermy Herdiwan) (Wife)
Indo Abigail Sewatian (Godmother)|affiliation = Unknown|marital = He's affected visiting Indo States during Anti-Boyfriend and Girlfriend Campaign in 2003.|birthDate = February 23 1999|birthPlace = Dasmariñas Cavite|deathDate = January 6 2017|deathPlace = Indang Cavite|species = Human|gender = Female|height = Unknown|weight = Unknown|eyes = Brown (According to image)}}

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