Jane Indo Alessandra

aka Jane Indo Cardines Sewatian

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Karuhatan BBB, Valenzuela City
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Current Representative in Valenzuela City
  • I am Girl
  • Jane Indo Alessandra

    GMA ChildStar and Actress Jacob Briz, Chlaui Malayao, Kim Rodriguiez and Tom Rodriguiez escaped 5J 532 by Exploiters. Chlaui Malayao Did first trauma in Exploiters. 5 AM is Departing Dumagete. Then Landed in Cavite City in 4 PM. GMA Childstar Chlaui Malayao experienced Headache. Today is he ok.

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  • Jane Indo Alessandra

    Did You know 2nd Hero of Raan? April Erispe! He Birth on Biñan Laguna By Deacdes before 2013? Let's Count Down Backwards! 2014 8 2013 7 2012 6 2011 5 2010 4 2009 3 2008 2 2007 1 Decade By Decade by RN1's System 45.

    WHY DID DUPLICATE THOES APRIL ERISPES? He need an new ones before her death. NAMES April Erispe II Former Name: Jane Helsiao April Erispe III Former Name: Mary Jane De Castro

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  • Jane Indo Alessandra

    In Supreme Court of Indo States, Justice Herjos Delos Arina was discovered an serious trouble in robloxia city. After death of Rep. Mitzi Joy Balunsay of Indo City and Rep. April Erispe, Mitzi Joy Balunsay Jr was adopted by Jane Indo Cardines Sewatian, her real name is Mitzi joy Balunsay-Sewatian.

    Around 4:13 PM, some Repesantasttives from any cities, towns and provinces was arrived in Supreme Court of Indo states.

    When controversial of Robloxian and Indoesh Protests of 2016. Senator Helsie Jeoair was disappointed in Mitzi Joy Balunsay. In her autopsy, He choked to death (Aspixhya due to Manual Strangulation).

    Indo City Police was including Mitzi and her wife was dead in Cavite. Between Tagaytay and Indang. -Serin Magracia from RN1 News

    THIS …

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