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[[File:Image-1500612283.jpeg|thumb|220x220px|Indoesh Air Force TU-95 Flying at Santa Maria, Bulacan]]
Owwww my leg hurts
[[File:Image-1501034137.jpeg|thumb|228x228px|5 Year Old Rep. Mariel's Protrait ]]''This Is not Accident. But this is Military war and Terrorist Incident. Do Not Delete.''
War of Calumpit is an Brazilian Terrorist Plot against AFP and Indoesh Armed Forces. Caused Anria Galang Espiritu was raped and Representative of Raan was Died in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.
== History and Origin ==
Main Page: [[2017 Robloxian Protests]], [[2016 Robloxian Protests]] and [[Valenzuela City Air Strike]]
When Indoesh Goverment Given a Permission for year 2017. When SONA Starts. They more happend in SJDM, Bulacan. Rep. Mariel was Raped and Killed in SJDM. When Indoesh Goverment Ready for Setteled [[Valenzuela City Air Strike]] Against Siliva Brazilian Terrorist in Ugong, Valenzuela City.
In July 24, They Ready for War of Calumpit. Brazilian Terrorist was in Calumpit, Bulacan. Also, Bombs like "Tser Medina" and "Layan De Asbestos" are Ready too.
== Criticism ==
Indoesh Air Force did Falsey Shoot 25 Houses where Brazilian terrorist are hiding. Also, Pampanga is Affected too but, Macabebe and Mansantol only.
=== Abestosis Outbreak ===
An 5-Year old Girl was died in Abestosis when she trped and alone in her house. Another Incident Reported in Brgy. Gatbuca was found 7-Year Old Girl was no clothes and has lifeless. Some Indoesh Experts Say: Her Name is Mary Jane Dela Cruz and Marinela Magracia. I have clues to 2 5-Year old and 7-Year old has died in Abestosis. Another Report in August 1, Gatbuca Elementary School has Outbreaked of thier school.
=== Representattive Mariel Cruz's Fault ===
President Pergrine was issued about her medical tests Of the Representative of Raan. He was have a wife: An 5-Year Old Boy named Nathaniel Cruz.[[File:Image-1501602861.jpeg|thumb|220x220px|The real Corpse of Representative of Raan.]]
== Representative Mariel Cruz ==
When he won in election 2016, Then Rage starts in Raan. she died in SJDM, Bulacan for rape. Shes 5 Years Old.
=== Last DNA Test ===
when he going to philipines, her dna test result is:
Possesive in Sexual Activity and needs return in Philippines.
== Trivia ==
* The War of Calumpit than Norilsk and Noveya Zemlya.
* this war caused for no space for expansion of Raan.
* Similar to [[Sodium-Fluoride Bomb at Bloncheon]], Brazilian Terrorist Used Sodium Flouride to bomb 22 rice fields.
* Abestos bomb launched in 200 houses they can kill all Brazilian Terrorist.
* A 5-Year Old Girl died in Abesstosis when she trapaed inside of her house when she alone.
* 300 Elementary Students of Calumpit has hospitalized for abestosis. 2 Dead.
* A 7-Year Old Girl died in Abestosis While she shower When she alone again.
== The Last Day of War Calumpit ==
when president Rodrigo Dueterte say: you know about Marawi. And president peregrine want end the war in Calumpit. He set up in September 5 2017.
== In Popular Culture ==
Dogfights: Indoesh Air Force's Greatest Mission
SOCO (RN1): Rep. Mariel Cruz
Seconds to Disaster: Abestosis Attack in Calumpit
Case Solved: Mariel Cruz at Digmaan (Mariel Cruz and her war)
War of Calumpit: Remember Representative of Raan in Novel by Adele Ramirez [[File:Image-1500970724.jpeg|thumb|220x220px|Censored face of Representative of Raan.]]
[[File:Image-1500970475.jpeg|thumb|220x220px|Uncensored face of Representative of Raan.]]
[[Category:Bad english]]
[[Category:Bad english]]

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